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Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

Taking all the winter gear to Heinola with Johanna's green van. Which is still alive but only just. Ian Derry also wanted to have the van appear in the film, since the first time he came to Finland we took him to the this lake with the van. In -25 degrees C and windows frosting from the inside :D. He was clearly impressed.

This day happened to be the worst snow day of the whole winter. We left Helsinki at about 10 after getting some stuff from Jukka from C-Trek. Then started driving. Our drives always take long since we need to stop for coffees many times, it's part of the fun. On this day it was also Kärkkäinen stop to get myself a new coat. So extra long. And because of the snowing and the fact the van wipers are not super good, we took our time. But made it at about 7.30pm! Arrived to the cabin, the little road there full of snow but the van survived to the yard with Johanna's driving skills. And then we just had to ring our "cabin guy" to say about the snow situation and how we are going to survive. He rang someone else and in 15 minutes there was a tractor to clear the snow. Impressed.

During our dinner we lost power. Call to the cabin guy again (poor guy, these girls calling him every half an hour :D). Lit our candles and thought oh well.... it's going to be a cold night. But luckily power came back and we could have our sister evening by the fire playing candy crush on our own beds. Cosy.

The London film crew would be coming the next day.

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