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Filming in Heinola

What a nice winter we had at our cabin. Last year no snow or ice really, this year it was so so beautiful. During this week it also happened to be super sunny, we were so lucky with weather.

These pics are from one of our filmings and international productions. More about this one at the end of the year when it comes out. But the loveliest time, we got this done too even with corona. With our friends - DoP Teemu Liakka, Vanessa Vandy directing, Jukka Teriö with us of course, safety team Ari Ilola, Ville Leskinen, Tuomas Määttänen keeping us safe. Marko Mantere as a super grip. Mauricio Waldo as focus puller. Kopter Cam with drone.

Our cabin by this lake has become so important to us. Our bubble away from the city. It's so peaceful and beautiful and for any kind of filming the water in the lake is so clear especially in winter. These kind of work weeks don't really feel like work. And we get to show this beautiful place to people around the world. Amazing.

Pics by Elina

Location Heinola

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