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World Record dive now official with CMAS. Under ice freediving World Record no fins no suit 103 m

We are super happy to receive this letter from CMAS. Johanna's World Record is now official with CMAS. Under ice freediving World Record, no fins, no suit, 103 metres, women by Johanna Nordblad, 18.3.2021, Lake Öllöri, Hossa, Finland.

We are thanking everyone who helped with this dive and everything that went along with it. Antero Joki who built the track and made CMAS record possible to try, and he was also the judge. All the safety divers who made sure she was ok during her dive. Hossa facilities. Heinola for helping us during the years of training and helping us to be able to train in the most beautiful lake in Finland, Sonnanen. Archer's Mark for believing in us and helping us make this dive a reality and also making a beautiful documentary out of the whole two years we were preparing for this moment. And everyone else who helped us along the way, it was a super hard two years, and now it really feels like we accomplished something amazing. We will not forget a minute of this time or anyone who was there along the way with us.

Pics by Elina

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