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YLE with us during our shooting session at our lake

YLE came to see Johanna and I after we drove back to Heinola from Hossa and the World Record dive. It took us a day to drive back in a nice sunny weather and when we got to Heinola it felt like we got home.

Yle rang me and said they have followed what we do together. And they love the fact that when things get hard (like with corona making things hard or with trying to organize a World Record attempt on a time like this), we don't just sit down and get depressed, we try to make things happen. Like during this past year we, instead of sitting down and thinking we can't make this happen, we contacted companies who might want underwater photos for their marketing. And then we kept shooting all year :). Lots of fun and lots of new friends came from that and lots of beautiful photos and time together with sis. And we made it happen.

Our photos you can see on our Instagrams @elinamanninen and @johannanordblad and @elinaandjohanna. Also on Elina's website

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