• Elina and Johanna

Filming in Heinola with Archer's Mark

Intense days at the cabin with Archer's Mark crew from London. There's just enough ice that we were able to cut open our swimming pool and a few other holes and walk on the ice. Still can't believe how warm the winter has been. Unreal. But so nice to have Steve, Ian, Hanna, Mauricio and Jean-Charles and production people and drone guys from Finland with us at our special place. The most private moments always happen in the sauna. This time we had Jean-Charles Granjon from France with us. A super underwater cinematographer. We always make a special bond with the people who get to sit in the sauna with us. It's a private little bubble and whole rest of the team is outside of that.

Jean-Charles has done amazing projects before and has been under the ice before too. Actually right here at our lake with Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier-Nery a few winters back for One Breath around the World and Julie's film. So it was nice to have him come and shoot with us.

Johanna and I were both interviewed, we were making ice holes, sitting in the sauna and in the water all day. I didn't have a chance to grab my big underwater camera but I had my little NikonosIII with me. And I took it under the ice for the first time. I thought I would just probably get black frames, it's dark there and I had 800 Portra film. And guessed all the settings when I jumped in. But hey they turned out quite nice :). I love this little camera.

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