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Filming in Heinola with Archer's Mark

Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

Intense days at the cabin with Archer's Mark crew from London. There's just enough ice that we were able to cut open our swimming pool and a few other holes and walk on the ice. Still can't believe how warm the winter has been. Unreal. But so nice to have Steve, Ian, Hanna, Mauricio and Jean-Charles and production people and drone guys from Finland with us at our special place. The most private moments always happen in the sauna. This time we had Jean-Charles Granjon from France with us. A super underwater cinematographer. We always make a special bond with the people who get to sit in the sauna with us. It's a private little bubble and whole rest of the team is outside of that.

Jean-Charles has done amazing projects before and has been under the ice before too. Actually right here at our lake with Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier-Nery a few winters back for One Breath around the World and Julie's film. So it was nice to have him come and shoot with us.

Johanna and I were both interviewed, we were making ice holes, sitting in the sauna and in the water all day. I didn't have a chance to grab my big underwater camera but I had my little NikonosIII with me. And I took it under the ice for the first time. I thought I would just probably get black frames, it's dark there and I had 800 Portra film. And guessed all the settings when I jumped in. But hey they turned out quite nice :). I love this little camera.

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