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AIMING FOR THE WORLD RECORD Johanna Nordblad, 43, is one of the Finnish pioneers in freediving. She has a collection of Finnish and World championships. The next step for Johanna is to try break the current men’s world record, 76,2 meters, held by Danish Stig Severinsen. Johanna’s goal is to dive 81 meters under the ice wearing only a swimsuit. Johanna currently holds the women's Guinness World Record, swimming under ice for 50 metres, from one ice hole to another, in a swimsuit.

What led under the ice?

In 2010 Johanna injured herself seriously and tibial fracture was turning into gangrene. Luckily doctors managed to save her leg, but there was permanent treatment for the pains. As Johanna declined to take the heavy medication, trying cold treatments was suggested to her despite the fact that there was no scientific evidence favouring them. Bit by bit Johanna surrendered herself to the coldness. For the first time in years the pain was gone. This trial aroused the love for the calmness of the cold water. In 2015 Johanna challenged herself and broke the women’s world record by diving 50 meters under the ice. While diving under the ice, Johanna finds the perfect state of relaxation and safety. Johanna’s grit helped her to overcome the pain and to challenge the limits of human abilities. Diving, challenging herself and breaking boundaries is Johanna’s way to share a story and her braveness to others.


During winter there will also be a documentary crew with us, Archer's Mark from London. Director of the film is Ian Derry who also directed the short film JOHANNA a few years back.

Exciting winter coming and we are preparing to make it amazing. Officially amazing as she is.

If you want partner up with us regarding the World Record Attempt, contact Elina,, +358440353956. There's room for a limited number of main partners.

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