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  • Elina and Johanna

Ruslan with us on an ElinaJohannaDay

Ruslan found Sasha Luckova’s painting in Helsinki, it was one of Sasha’s Giving Heart -project art pieces. And at the back of it there was a voucher to spend one ElinaJohannaDay with us and have some water pictures taken. And the winner was Ruslan :).

On Tuesday we drove to our lake in Heinola, heard his life story and introduced him to cold water of the lake. And the sauna. He was so brave, I must admit the water is already pretty cold.

So here are the pictures! Thank you for spending the day with us!

Pics by Elina

Model Ruslan

Coach Johanna

Location Heinola

Viimeisimmät päivitykset

Katso kaikki
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