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  • Elina & Johanna

Elina shooting Johanna

First day with the French crew was about Elina shooting Johanna under the ice. We eventually did find a dress. We made a plan with Teemu Liakka about where we wanted the ice holes and long would Johanna need to dive, in just a dress, with no mask. So the reality was that it would be super cold for Johanna and actually a proper dive even though only 10 metres. But 10 metres with stops and modelling. And plus she can't see anything because she doesn't have a mask. And Elina would have about two minutes time to take pics on the first go and same for Teemu. Second time she would not dive from that far, but we would have another two minutes.

All safety in place Teemu was waiting under the ice for Johanna to come and so was Elina. All went perfectly. And the day couldn't have been prettier.

Thanking Etienne Chopin and Nina Kostamo Deschamps for pictures!

Location: our favourite lake Sonnanen, in Heinola

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