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  • Elina and Johanna

Pekka Tuuri photographing with us at our lake

One of the amazing underwater nature photographers here is Pekka Tuuri. It's always pleasure to meet him, always happy and excited about his work underwater. This time he came to our cabin to spend a couple of days with us.

We arrived in the afternoon - it had been really cold for a few days so getting the cabin heated took a while (and we didn't really get it warm until a couple of days later :D. Poor Pekka had to sleep in the cold with us but managed really well :D).

Pekka's plan was to shoot Johanna under the ice - in the dark. He had all his scuba gear with him, all his camera gear with him (which I can say was a lot more and a lot bigger than what I have) and lights to go under the ice. A safety diver Toni was arriving soon as well with his scuba gear. So we started with coffee of course, then the sauna and the ice holes. Three holes, one for Johanna, one for Pekka and one for Toni.

We sat down at the table and Pekka told us what the plan was. My job was to be on top of the ice and show lights through the ice when they needed me.

At about 8pm we were ready and in the darkness they all hopped in the water. The extreme in this is the waiting on top of the ice, at least for me :D. But I saw the lights under the ice and looked amazing.

The next day Pekka made some more holes and was shooting the lake and Johanna. And also us in our 15 metre ice hole.

Pics by Pekka Tuuri,

Our location by the lake: Heinola,

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