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  • Elina and Johanna

Sunday with sun

On Saturday we had France tv3 with us but Sunday was totally free to do anything we wanted. We had our brother Riku with us so what happened is we woke up late and then looked outside. So pretty. The sun was out and it was snowing a little. It was about -9 degrees so all our ice holes were in ice again after the night. So we got up, Riku made us breakfast, we found coffee which we thought we didn't have. So a very lovely morning.

We went outside and was so still, no wind at all. We cut open the ice holes, got the sauna warm, took some pics for Geo & Geo Adventure Magazines (Elina's pics with the story of Johanna). Johanna and Riku got into the water for a little look. First time we take our brother there and he was very impressed, thought it looks like space under the ice :).

So a very nice weekend. After that drive back to Helsinki in our green van.

Back to the lake next weekend again, then we have a special guest for a few days, Johnny Colt from the US.

Pics by Elina

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