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  • Elina and Johanna

Radisson Blu Plaza - Underwater Dreams exhibition opening

Last night was the launch of Taste of the North menu at Plaza Restaurant, and also the launch of the restaurant's new name. At the same time it was the opening of our second Underwater Dreams exhibition.

The other day we were there building the exhibition and thought that what would be a nicer place for them than this restaurant. Amazing space, high, have our art there going around the big dining area for everyone to see. Looked amazing. Also amazing was to see the food pics Elina took of the chefs cooking by a lake with fire, beautifully placed around the restaurant.

And last night was amazing too. Between 5pm and 7pm we were tasting the new menu, talking a little, enjoying time with old and new friends. How could we thank Saija Gerpe from Radisson Blu Plaza enough to make this all happen.

We are thanking everyone for coming, a very special night for us.

Photos by Tuomas Heinonen,

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