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First weekend at our lake cabin

On the weekend I had my first chance to test Hasselblad X1D. I loved it. Can’t wait to test it more! These were done with the 35mm lens. My sister Johanna Nordblad at our lake cabin forest on the weekend - which we spent with Matteo Fagotto actually, from Italy.

Matteo is writing a story about Johanna - and in February will be back with his photographer girlfriend Mathilde Gattoni to shoot and write another story about Johanna and I.

I was shooting under the ice as well, soon I will have time to check them out - I was using my big camera but also Canon Powershot G1 Mklll with a special Canon underwater housing for it. I’m very interested to see what comes out from that little one and compare it with the pics I took with my bigger camera. Interesting to see. So I will keep you posted :).

Pics by Elina

This pic of us together checking our pictures at our cabin. Pic by Matteo Fagotto.

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