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Guinness World Record, Longest swim under ice, female record, Johanna Nordblad

Guinness World Records:

"Recently in celebration of #GWRday Finnish free-diver Johanna Nordblad was presented with her incredible under ice swimming achievement. Johanna's bone-chilling swim took place in Lake Päijänne in Asikkala, Finland. Read more > 🏊.. Brave Finlander Johanna said: “I wanted to break a record because I love to swim and free-dive and I enjoy cold water. And I love to test my limits.”"

933,964 views on this video now on Facebook, it's going to be a million soon :D.

Maybe this year she will break her own record, let's see. In any case we have exciting plans for this winter - firstly it's snowing today and temperatures are getting cold this week so that is good news for us! I will be shooting Johanna this week so new pics coming out soon. AFP News Agency, Olivier Morin, from Paris is coming to shoot her at the end of February. Päijänne on the Rocks ( ice diving event here in Finland is happening again on the 18th of March so we will be there. And in April/May we are dreaming of warmer waters in the Bahamas :D. Let's see about that too. We have been meaning to go for years, maybe this time we will.

But can't wait for the winter :).

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