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Guinness World Record Woman Johanna

Finally it is here! After about 1,5 years, yesterday in Radio Rock interview Johanna was surprised with the Guinness World Records official certificate! So now she is officially amazing :). And feels good after all the hard work that we've done and organized and all this waiting to actually have this little piece of paper here! And flowers :D. So the next thing... Johanna is thinking of doing 80m which is more than Stig Severinsen's men's record. What we don't know yet is if it's going to happen this coming winter or the winter after. Depends on our other projects and plans. But we will definitely let everyone know when it's going to happen and where!

Now we enjoy this for a while. The longest swim under ice - breath held (no fins, no diving suit) female 50 metres and was achieved by Johanna Nordblad (Finland) in Asikkala, Finland, on 14 March 2015.

We had a big party yesterday. Had coffees together at Cafe Mutteri :D.

This record dive is best captured in the movie by Matila & Röhr Productions, directed by Natalie Halla. It's called The Life in Four Elements (Neljä Elementtiä) and it comes out probably in January! So stay tuned for that!

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