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Starting filming with Ian Derry

We have pretty interesting projects coming out this year! This is the start of the first one. Ian Derry from London came to see us, we took him 200km from Helsinki on icy roads to check out if this lake we love would be a good location for a film he is making of Johanna. It was getting colder and colder the closer we got to the lake and when we finally arrived it was -24 degrees and soon getting dark. We made the hole in the ice. It was so cold it started icing up as soon as we left it for a few minutes. It was Ian’s first ever look under the ice. We got him in a drysuit and he hopped in. We are very proud of him.

Anyway – plans on the way now! Filming in March.

Film will be directed by Ian, shot by Teemu Liakka. Still photos will be done by Ian. Behind the scenes pictures by me. This might mean I would have to actually go under the ice as well. Let’s see. I’m such a wuss. But ordered the proper dome for my Ikelite casing now so it could be possible :D.

I need that for other stuff this year too. Freediving national championships and world championships which are both in Turku, Finland. And Johanna and I, we want to go to the Bahamas. I don’t know how yet but we might be there April/May :D.

And check out Ian Derry’s beautiful work at

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