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Diver of the year 2020, Johanna Nordblad

Sukeltajaliitto, the Finnish Diver's Federation, nominated Johanna as the Diver of the year 2020. Johanna has had an exceptionally long career as a diver and a competitive diver on a top level in the World. She started her freediving career in 1999 and competed first time in the World Championships in the year 2000. She has competed in top level to this day and has done multiple national records as well as held a World Record in dynamic with fins 2004, Freediving under ice 50 metres in a swimsuit no fins 2015 and the latest Freediving under ice 103 metres in a swimsuit no fins 2021. She has worked a lot to bring visibility to freediving during these years. She has worked closely with the Finnish Diver's Federation all these years. She is a role model for all freedivers and divers in general.

Such a nice nomination, feels super nice to have this kind of acknowledgement for the work that she's done! Thankful for these kind words!

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