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Underwater shoots since summer

Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

Johanna and I have really enjoyed our summertime without ice. We have hopped in the water many times shooting, with many lovely clients. What could be nicer than spending days with your sis, sauna on, lake waiting, taking pics, having chats and laughs. Very very much enjoyed it. And hopefully we get to do a lot more of this!! Last weekend we were at the lake again shooting and this time with my daughter as well, teen fashion underwater pics for Junior Style London and Tangereene magazine. But more of that later :).

We are thanking everyone we have working with so far: Alpa, Pyynikin Panimo, Rohtos, Seastar beachwear, Lunette, Marimari, MUKA VA, Riiminka, Aleksiina Design, Vietto, Anna's Darling, Asenne Surf, Aurorasofia, Tyypit, Lumoan stories, Silverclothing, Aie.

Enjoy the pics and in the meantime Johanna and I are getting slowly ready for the winter season. Hopefully this year there will be a winter with proper ice. And hopefully our filming will get finished. And a couple of interesting projects waiting for realization so let's see, I have a feeling it will be a very nice winter :).

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