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Filming for the documentary in Hossa after the World Record Dive

For two years this has been in the making - the documentary of us. I can't wait for it to be ready. I know it will be beautiful, director Ian Derry only makes beautiful films <3.

First year we started with thinking about the possible World Record attempt. Planning for it. Second year it was meant to happen but got cancelled a week before because of corona. And everything else went wrong that year too. This year it was not easy to start training and organizing again, without knowing if this is actually going to happen this year with corona and restrictions and team coming from four different countries. Exciting months before we knew we would actually be driving to Hossa and this would actually happen.

Everything went super well. The record happened, the film crew was happy, weather was just perfect. Filming after the big dive wasn't easy but we gave our all. I saw some little clips and it was beautiful!!

We are thanking everyone from our heart. Steve Jamison, Ian Derry and Hanna Aqvilin from Archer's Mark, London and Stockholm. Finnish film crew. Koptecam drone crew. Tapani Launonen and his crew preparing the lake. Underwater camera team Jean-Charles Granjon and Frederic Swierczynski from France. Antero Joki and his team from Germany, Finland and France building the track. All the safety divers. Ambulance crew. Doping test crew. Hossa National Park people. We will never forget.

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