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Elina and Johanna and our ElinaJohannaDays

We have done so many things together! And it's always fun. Can't wait for the next adventures with sis. Hopefully world opens up again, after this hard winter we are so ready for some super warm beautiful clear water!!

Shooting for Bianca Neve in Sukellusareena.

Our microphones for the documentary that comes out for next winter.

Driving back from Hossa after Johanna did a World Record dive of 103 metres distance under the ice in a swimsuit.

In Hossa by the last ice hole of the World Record track, 103 metres.

A couple of days before the World Record dive in Hossa. They were exciting days! I might have been slightly nervous :D.

With our brother Riku at the opening of Life in Four Elements -movie.

Swim time at Päijänne on the Rocks event. Maybe 2018.

In Serbia Freediving Pool World Championships in 2013. Johanna did 192 metres distance with a fin. For me it was the first time putting my camera inside housing and taking pics underwater.

I think Matteo Fagotto took this pic when he stayed with us a few days to write his story of Johanna. Maybe 2018.

At Allas Sea Pool for some swimming action in the seawater pool.

We went to Vaasa to do SUP boarding with Asenne surf.

On our island rocks.

Oh I remember this. Boat trip to some island and relaxing on the warm rocks.

AFP Olivier Morin with us in Salo.

Pics of us at lake Sonnanen in Heinola by Alex Voyer.

Pics of us in Southern France by Alex Voyer.

Here we are in Turku pool, during Turku freediving Pool World Championships. By Daan Verhoeven.

By Daan Verhoeven.

By Petteri Viljakainen.

By Daan Verhoeven.

Boat trip in spring.

Hugging Johanna after her last World Record dive in 2015. 50 metres under the ice then.

2015 winter happiness :D

During filming Johanna by Ian Derry. She put her wetsuit on inside out because one suit broke and this one had a logo. Great plan until we had to get it off. That was not easy.

Summer boating on Johanna's rib boat

Minutes before Johanna's first World Record dive under ice in 2015.

Sukellusareena some years back.

After Johanna's first World Record under ice dive. Here with Jukka Teriö.

Oh I miss this!!! Sardinia, 2014. During Freediving Team World Championships where Johanna was coaching Finland's men's team. To bronze medal.

Sardinia championships, final party.


Sardinia deep diving day.


Sardinia selfie :D.

In Greece, Samos. I think I'm 15. Johanna 13.

Serbia Pool World Championships leisure time


No kidding this was taken about 25 years ago :D. Is my guess. On some rocks in evening sun.

Big vs. Small crew gave us this

In a tank at the Boat Expo 2020.

Driving somewhere with Johanna singing :D.

Filming for the documentary with Jean-Charles Granjon. Can't wait to see this movie when it's ready. I'm sure it's going to be beautiful!!

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