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Cutrin shoot

We waited for the ice to come this year - last year it was so warm that we hardly had any ice on our lake. We had to move Johanna's record attempt last year to Hossa in the north, just to cancel it completely one week before the record attempt because of corona. That was hard and also the year after was hard. To prepare and train all over again, not sure how corona situation is, can we make it happen this year or not. But luckily all went well!! More about that later!

But yes, we waited for the ice to come and this year was just perfect. Cold and pretty. The first client pics this winter were for Cutrin and their "Avanto" series. We cut the ice hole and hopped in. Good training for the cold for Johanna! I love how the water in this lake is in wintertime. So clear and blue. If there's lots of ice and snow it's always dark there, but on this day it was beautiful even though we didn't have the sun. And when these were done it's only light for a couple of hours during the day so have to be quick with cutting holes and taking pics :).

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