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Last dive under the ice this winter

Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

Sometimes things just don't go how you wanted or planned. Certainly didn't happen this winter. First of all winter didn't come. Still we went on preparing for the record attempt and filming. Changed our location to Hossa just to be sure there's enough ice. And then corona happened. Our international team coming from London and France - locked in their own countries and we locked in Helsinki area. Interesting times for sure. Just before the isolation of Helsinki we wanted to go the the lake one last time. To pack everything and also take the last pictures before the ice melts. And when there had been max 10 cm of ice during winter, now it was suddenly the best ice situation, 20 cm of clear solid ice with no snow on top. Perfect conditions. So we changed to our wetsuits and enjoyed the sauna one last time and hopped into our lake. Which is always so beautiful. No sign of any corona crisis there on our lake, the forest was the same, the lake was the same. Could almost forget about the whole situation for a while.

Now we have been staying on our island. Having our morning swims sometimes on the swimming jetty. Sun is starting to shine and it's getting warmer. We are having chats to London with the crew. Let's see how it all works out for next winter, hopefully good. Feels like can't make too many plans more than a week ahead, things are constantly changing.

But whatever happens we will not stop taking pictures :). I'm already hoping for warmer sea so I can take my camera in there. Sadly our Croatia photography trip can't happen either now but Finland waters are beautiful so I'm sure we will find something beautiful to photograph :).

Our print shop is here, we will add more pictures after our sea trips.

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