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Hossa National Park

Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

This winter has been so weird. Sometimes things are easy and sometimes they just are not. This winter there was no winter which means that there was not ice on our lake. Not enough anyway for any record attempts. So we went to check out another lake up north, near Kuusamo, in Hossa National Park.

We had Archer's Mark from London with us and then we had Tapani Launonen, who was making us a track and ice holes. At this point corona virus was spreading around Europe. News from London coming daily that things are getting worse. Things getting worse in Finland as well. This was on our minds while we were checking the track where Johanna's record dive was now supposed to happen in a few weeks.

Johanna herself had a bit of a cold so I had to be her eyes. In my wetsuit I jumped in and checked the colour and clarity of the water. This lake is different to ours. It felt colder and it was grey-blue in colour. Beautiful but different.

After this day we went back to Helsinki and the plan was to go to Heinola to film some more. But corona changed the plans. Better to go back to London while you still can and better to go back to Helsinki since the schools will be closing and kids will be home. All the plans would need to be rescheduled.

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