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Filming started for 2020

Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

We are waiting for winter to come. It's a crazy one this year, it's the end of January and it hasn't started yet. It's raining in Helsinki and when we visited our lake for filming, there was 1cm of ice which for this time of year is very very unusual. It's kind of stressing, since we have big plans for this winter.

We are already filming with Archer's Mark and Ian Derry, a bigger documentary of us two, ice diving and Johanna's record attempt in March. Exciting! Last week we spent with Ian and this week little rest and on Saturday it's off to the lake and filming all week in Heinola and in Helsinki. And getting ready for boat expo at the same time! I'm thinking our holiday in Croatia in April will feel super nice after the schedule we have for February and March.

Anyway, the days with Ian were so nice, we spent time at Allas Sea Pool, went to see the lake and had dinner at Johanna's and visited my studio.

Most of our time will be spent at our cabin by lake Sonnanen in Heinola. No matter what the weather is like, it's always beautiful and relaxing there. Our swims and pictures and evening saunas with sister. So nice.

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