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Big vs Small filming in Helsinki

Yesterday it was a day on the sea with Big vs Small film, DoP Sakke Kantosalo and director Minna Dufton and us. Tiny bit of filming for the documentary still needed here in Helsinki, of Johanna and her boat. I never complain when I have a chance to be on the boat, love it! Wind in the hair and all the worries are blown away. If there is worries :D.

Anyway. We are hoping to go to Portugal to see Joana Andrade surf those big waves, would be amazing to see.

And about this boat, it's beautiful! Johanna has been on the sea all summer and autumn, taking freedivers and groups out to the sea and giving freediving courses. Check out her website for that:

Pics by Elina

Location Helsinki

Freediving courses

Talent Johanna Nordblad

Production company Raggari Filmi

With us for adventures Seat Tarraco,

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