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Big vs. Small film in Portugal with Joana Andrade and Raggari Production

This is one of the projects that is close to our hearts - well all the projects we choose are close to our heart but this is special and so nice to be a part of this. I have written already before about Joana Andrade and Big vs small film here on the blog, when she came to see us here in Finland and Johanna was teaching her apnea and cold water. This time we flew to Portugal and met Joana there. She came to see us do what we do and now it was our time to go to her sea and see what she does.

We stayed in Praia da Areia Branca, close to the beach in this beautiful house (check Villa Secret Spot). And we were filming around the coast but most of the time in Ericeira, which is Joana's base for her surf school. Also we went to Nazare where big wave action happens. And in October we might be able to go and see Joana surf those gigantic waves. Can't wait.

Any of this wouldn't have happened if there wasn't super woman Minna Dufton and Raggari Films. Raggari Films Ltd is an independent tv and film production startup based in Helsinki, Finland. The company focuses on producing international documentary films, tv series and short films written and directed by women. We empower and support visionary female film-makers, rebel-like directors and content creators and proudly do our part in driving equality in the film and tv industry.

Minna Dufton, the woman behind Raggari Films Ltd, is a broadcast media professional, an award-winning journalist and documentarist, published author and mentor to women who aspire to go big and make an impact as film-makers. With her 20 years of experience in TV and film, both in the UK and in Finland, she is seen as an expert and an authority in her field.Minna Dufton learned her craft by working in big broadcasting corporations such as ITN, BBC and Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle for 20 years as a Broadcast Journalist, Producer/Director and Screenwriter.Minna´s mission is to bring complex and inspiring stories to the screen in a healing manner. She wants to empower women to own their inner film-making force. She daily strives towards this by being the fearless director that she is, constantly making the impossible possible.

Minna is a passionate storyteller and an Executive Producer who loves to share her deep knowledge of how to make it in the industry. She created Raggari Films Ltd to empower women in film and tv, and to encourage female directors, screenwriters, producers and cinematographers to make documentaries that move, heal and transform lives. Her purpose is to help female film-makers to proudly stand in their power, telling stories from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.Minna writes and directs documentaries and reality series, culture, entertainment and factual programmes for tv. Coming from a rural area of East Finland – a long way from international film festivals – she understands the need of quality content on tv and wants to continue doing her personal best for tv audiences. She is constantly looking to learn new ways of making an impact.

Amazing woman I can tell you that.

Big vs small is the first international documentary production by Raggari Films. It is an independent documentary about Portuguese big wave surfer Joana Andrade, a tiny woman from Ericeira whose dream is to surf a wave 30 metres high. Joana, the only female big wave rider in Portugal, firmly believes that girls can ride the giants that men can, and that they should be held equal.The 45-minute documentary will be ready for release in early 2020. The film, which aims to raise the profile of female big wave surfers, is supported by the Finnish Embassy.With the film Minna wants to inspire all girls and women to face their fears and to conquer them. She believes we all face challenges in our lives, in one way or another. Challenges that frighten us and can make us feel small. There is a lot that viewers can learn from Joana’s story.

You can watch the trailer here:

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