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  • Elina and Johanna

Starting filming the new documentary with Archer's Mark, Ian Derry and Steve Jamison

It's been an interesting winter. One of the most exciting things we started this year is filming for a bigger documentary. Ian Derry, who directed the short film "Johanna" and a London production company Archer's Mark were with us for a few days to start the project which goes on to next year. Was lovely to have Ian and Steve at our cabin following our routines.

On March 21 at our cabin there was the annual ice diving event Päijänne on the Rocks visiting. On this day Amber Fillary from South Africa tried to break Johanna's record. We were sure she would, a strong diver she is. But this time it didn't happen and Johanna still holds her record.

After Amber's dive Johanna did a training dive on 40 metres + 20 metres. This was different to the normal routine since now in training she used a neck weight which is not allowed in the actual record attempts. All in all, very eventful day. Testing a 60 m track was important just to figure out what the 80 m distance would feel like and how the track should be. We will return to this thought next year in March.

Päijänne on the Rocks is the nicest freediving event in winter, organized by Antero Joki, so if you would like to come next year check out their site

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