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Big vs Small filming kicks off in Finland with Joana Andrade and Johanna

We had a nice three days being a part in documentary film about Joana Andrade, a big wave surfer from Portugal. She is amazing, surfs 30 metre waves, runs a surf school in Ericeira, trains in Nazare. Minna Dufton and Heidi Richert are making a documentary about Joana and as a part of that film Johanna teaches Joana about breath holding and freediving, to be better prepared if you end up under the wave and have to know how to hold your breath and not panic.

First day we spent at Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki learning the basics of static breath hold.

Then we drove to Heinola to our cabin by lake Sonnanen and continued there, with cold water.

These pics are little glimpses of our days, taken by crew members. Amazing people and the days went too quickly. Hopefully we will see everyone again, Johanna and I should go and learn some surfing with Joana :).

Elina was taking pics so those pics will probably be in Me Naiset magazine later and seen here on our blog!


Minna Dufton

Heidi Richert

Joana Andrade

Sasha Lusckova

Sakke Kantosalo

Nikolai Ladikainen

You can follow Big vs Small film on Instagram: @bigvssmallfilm

Pics by: Big vs Small film

Location: Allas Sea Pool and Heinola lake Sonnanen

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