• Elina and Johanna

Perini Journal Dream

Perini Journal Dream came out a little while ago - there is a story about us both from last winter, when Italian journalist Matteo Fagotto came and spent a weekend with us in the cabin. It was one of the first days in December it was snowing - and it was snowing quite a lot. But Matteo was very good on slippery Finnish snowy roads and stayed with us for a couple of days. We had the fire going but it was one of the first times we went there on this winter so the cabin was still pretty cold inside. There's no running water, no indoor toilet, no luxury whatsoever, but we love it, it takes us away from the city life. It's like another world and you realize it when you start driving back to the city. You realize - oh, yes, I forgot there's a world like this too.

It was so nice have Matteo there with us and see it and write about it! Also first time sauna and cold water swims for him - hopefully he liked it too!

Pics of Johanna are screen shots from Ian Derry's film Johanna Under the Ice.


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