• Elina and Johanna

Behind the scenes when shooting underwater

What does it look like when we have our day together and shoot something :). It kind of looks like this when you look at these pics. We are at the cabin. We heat up the sauna. We talk and eat and think what we could do, I get my camera ready and then we go in the water. Johanna does her thing and I do my thing - we don't even have to talk much, the other one knows what the other one wants so it's easy. We swim away from the shore a little bit. We don't have to go deep so we wouldn't lose the light. And this lake, it's so beautiful, the way light comes in and the colour of it. We don't see much happening underwater, there's not really that much fish and not much growing in there (which could be a worry). But it's the prettiest lake I have seen.

This day Ben was with us and followed us a little with his iPhone. Thank you Ben!

Location Heinola, lake Sonnanen

Pics by Ben Mercer


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