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Asenne Surf

It's been an amazing summer, super warm. We have been in the water, swimming, diving, boating, kayaking, SUP boarding. Now the heat wave is supposed to be over and I was in my garage, looking at my diving gear thinking "I guess it's going to get cooler soon again so maybe should start thinking about the coming winter in our cabin. Getting the gear ready in good time...". But maybe for a little while longer we will just enjoy this warmth and warm waters. Our sea water has been 26 degrees! That is very warm for Finland. Almost too warm.

Johanna was kayaking from Mariehamn back to Helsinki in June - the sea was full of blue-green algae, a thick bubbling smelly layer on the surface, with flyes flying around. For days she and Ben, her boyfriend, were kayaking in that, scared to put their hands in the water or have morning swims. So we think taking care of our sea and doing things we can to help it is a very important thing for us.

These pics are with Asenne Surf - our favourite surf shop. Soon we will have a drive up to Vaasa to pick up a couple of SUP boards and see our friends at Asenne. And their cabbage farm which we fell in love with last time. And now also their bee farm :) .Can't wait to have one of our ElinaJohannaDays again.

Location Heinola, lake Sonnanen

Pics by Elina,

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