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  • Elina and Johanna

Shooting underwater, with Canon PowerShot G1 Mklll

This day we had our brother Riku with us at the cabin. He himself might say he was there mostly as a slave - cooking, cleaning, heating up sauna, cutting holes in the ice... etc :D. And here also as a photographer in the water with us. We had Canon PowerShot G1 Mklll for testing so we took it with us under the ice at the same time I was shooting Johanna with my bigger camera.

Canon PowerShot G1 Mklll here in it's underwater housing, also from Canon. This is a real underwater housing as well, down to 40 metres. A really nice little camera, would love to have this on a holiday with me somewhere in a warm sea with lots of light and see what it could do with it there!

These pics I took with this little camera earlier. It works pretty well even in these dark circumstances and I love how easy it is to use. The video function is easy to use too, even with thick gloves in the cold. With my big camera there's less noice and the files are cleaner, but for a little camera like this I think it's doing a good job!

Pics by our brother Riku and Elina.

Thanking Canon Suomi

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