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Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors’ Showcase at Cannes: Johanna: Under the Ice, by Ian Derry

We are very proud to announce that our film has been in Cannes at Saatchi&Saatchi's New Directors Showcase which introduced Ian Derry as one of the new directors of the year.

Amazing to be on this list! And congratulations to Ian. This was an amazing project. The one we will always remember. We gave our everything and it's so great to see this go around the world.

Even bigger thanks to my amazing sister Johanna. This would of course not exist without you. A very special girl my sister.

"There’s a real sense of urgency in lifestyle photographer Ian Derry’s debut short, which featured many shots that seemed impossible to get. And the lengths to which the team behind the short had to go to get the work make it worth your attention." (

Our Finland team that we are thanking:

Teemu Liakka, cinematographer

Kari Ylitalo, drone

Antti Haikonen, sound

Jukka Teriö, ice hole manager

Ville Leskinen, safety diver

Tuomas Määttänen, safety diver

I'm thanking also myself :D - Elina, for organising the Finland production, helping Johanna, helping Ian, helping the team, taking behind the scenes pics and hyperventilating above the ice waiting for Johanna to come up.

And Johanna. She is something else. With her life is never boring. For sure we will have many more adventures and I just can't wait.

And of course the people in London - the music, this film would not be the same without it - by Howie Saunders. All the editors in London. The storyboard - I don't think I've never seen anything like it. Even that was beautiful.

And of course Ian. I told him about Johanna and what she does. He took all this time and all the money and all this effort to tell my sister's story in such a beautiful way. How could I ever thank him enough. He deserves to be on that list. All the hours spent thinking about this film, planning it, talking back and forth with me, what is possible and what is not possible. How should we do it. He had all the shots, the whole film in his head when we started filming. And then after the four cold difficult days at the lake all the countless hours he sat in front of it putting it together. And this is it. I'm so proud of everyone.

Behind the scenes pics by Elina

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