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  • Elina and Johanna

Stade2, France tv2

Benoit and Loic from France tv2 spent six days with us. They came to our movie theatre premiere here in Helsinki, they came to Johanna's place and garage and the shores of our island, we took them to our favourite swimming pool where Johanna started freediving, also took them to one of the tv interviews (puoli 7) where Johanna was as a guest, they drove to Lehmonkärki with us and came to the ice diving event Päijänne on the Rocks with us. Johanna also told them to put wetsuits on and took them under the ice during the weekend. Which they loved by the way.

So enjoy this little clip of our lives. Well actually you don't really see me (Elina) but I was right there the whole time :D. Even in the green van between Loic the cameraman and Johanna. By the way our green van broke on the way but this is not on the clip. Now it's alive and well again don't you worry.

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