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ioMerino from Australia

Our new partner in keeping us warm during winter is IO Merino​ from Australia! We are very serious about what materials we use in the circumstances where we are - they seriously have to keep us warm. So our first choice always is wool. And now we have ioMerino with us - you will see and hear more about them during our adventures!

And we love how they think about wool.

"Our mission is to make the warmest, most comfortable Merino gear imaginable. To be the brand you choose when you’re in the know. The brand you want if you like to try new things, different things, better things. What’s more, we don’t just want you to buy our products, we want you to love them. And we’re prepared to do whatever we have to, to make sure that happens. By developing our own fabrics that are better than anything else out there. By making an absolute must-have range of clothes that will get you through your adventures. And by giving you real-person customer service to make sure you’re happy every step, (or paddle or ski or whatever it is you’re doing), of the way."

Check out their website here:

And Facebook page here:

Love their clothing so can't wait to get them to Finland for us to use. And since Australia is one of my home countries it's so nice to have them with us.

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