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In France. In the sea.

About a week ago we went to France. Stayed at Alex Voyer's big beautiful house close to Nice in Hyeres.

We will share more and also tell you more about Alex later, but here are the first pics that I edited and really like. The sea was so pretty. I'm not the best freediver but I want to get back there again soon, I just fell in love with it.

In March this year, in an ice diving event here in Finland called Päijänne on the Rocks, we all decided we have to visit this place. So Antero Joki and Morgan Dias Simao drove down from Munich, Johanna and myself flew from Finland, Alex came from Paris and then we just explored a little about this sea. One day we had French freedivers with us, including Julie Gautier (and had a bit of a bumpy boat ride back to the shore :D :D ). And a dinner at the house in the evening with everyone, also Guillaume Nery. We can share more about that later as well.

Hope you enjoy these pics! Can't wait to get back there.

Pics by Elina

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