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Prawno Apparel in the green lake.

We are back in our green lake. The sky is dark and cloudy. It's raining. We arrive to our green lake. This time on the other side. Our friend has a cabing and a sauna there so he kindly agreed to let us in the sauna (probably without realizing we would be there about 5 hours. Sauna. lake. sauna. lake. sauna. lake).

I was worried it was going to be too dark which is very often a problem in the Finnish waters, especially if there's no sun. But we hopped in. Water temperature about 20 degrees. And again - it was beautiful.

First we photographed for our own project. And then for Prawno Apparel. They make beautiful T-shirts and tops that we love. For freedivers and everyone else. Check them out here.

Pics by Elina

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