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In the pool with Johanna

Summer is almost over and what a lovely summer it was! We have been working a bit. Having fun. Diving. Lots of things :). Freediving Pool World Championships we had this year in our country, Finland. How great was it to have all our friends to come here to Turku.

These pics were taken right before the competition really started, in the 25m pool in Impivaara pool in Turku. ElinaJohanna time obviously. Next morning Elina had to go and shoot for 3 days in Vaasa and then come back to the competition so what we did was hop in the pool before that.

Canon 14mm lens from Canon Finland is our favourite. And we swim together and we create together. Johanna's drawings on Elina's pics. There will be more of those coming when our lake project starts.

Pics by Elina

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