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Filming with Antero Joki & Johanna & Cory Richards & TCOLondon & Mistress Agency &am

Day 2 of our filmings breakfast at our lovely hotel. Most of the crew were filming in the morning at a cabin. Johanna, Teemu Liakka and I were driving to lake Sonnanen to get everything in order there before the crew would arrive. This lake is amazing. Small but clear. The water is blue. We have been filming Johanna's movie there with Teemu & Matila Röhr Productions last winter. Under the ice.

Now there was no ice. But hey, there was Cory Richards :). And of course we invited him to our van. I'm sure he was impressed, who wouldn't be. He said you could almost live in this van. That is true. He also told us how he missed his plane. And that he has Mikey's trousers because he also lost his luggage.

We love Cory's work so it was just amazing to meet him.

And he was nice and fun and hope we meet again :).

This day I stole Cory's portrait.

The crew planning how to shoot today. Teemu, Mikey and Cory.

Johanna and Antero. Don't you just love these two :).

Teemu is explaining this lake to Mikey. How these two should dive. How he is going to shoot.

Scott. Mistress Agency.

Cory is taking a picture of me :).

This is his Leica.

Cory and Shelley sunbathing in Finnish autumn sun.

Let's start shooting. Everyone in the water.

Shelley from TCOLondon.

We have the van. And the boat. And the crew finding out what to do when. Cory learning his lines.

First we have to get the boat in the water.

Rina & Mikey ready for the Finnish lake.

And we have Antero in the background.

I just love this bunch of people.

Matt is very brave. The sound man. He didn't complain once while standing there.

Antero is ready and in his diving gear.

Shall we start shooting? Teemu is almost ready with his gear too.

The popular meeting place. Our van.

First we shoot in the boat so the boat has to be in the water. No one said how deep it would have to be.

Cory and Mikey.

We are getting Cory on the boat.

I don't think this is very cold at all.

Cory and Mikey, last minute planning.

I'm very impressed with these two.

And so great to have them here.

And we are getting on the boat.

Filming starts. Isabel is watching. I'm watching.

Teemu's gear is impressive too.

A little break before the actual diving part starts. This is Johanna.

Johanna and Teemu.

In Finland this is what you look like if you want to shoot underwater and be warm.

Cory is going with them and sitting on the boat while they dive for an hour.

Mikey is checking the footage.

Dave and Scott are checking the footage.

These two I'm going to miss. Dave and Scott from Mistress.

Mikey taking a photo of this Finnish underwater cinematographer Teemu and Dave and Scott are taking a photo of Mikey taking a photo and I'm taking a photo of Dave and Scott taking a photo of Mikey taking a photo.

Mikey and Teemu chatting.

The filming underwater is done. Johanna, Antero and Cory are coming back to the shore.

Cory in the Finnish sun.

Mikey taking a photo of Cory.

Cory and Johanna.

Teemu's footage is amazing. No need to go back and dive more.

Cory is going and flying back home.

I made Johanna take one pic of Cory and I before he goes.

Everyone is gone. Johanna, Antero and I are packing the stuff. Antero is gone. Johanna and I are packing the boat which we will be towing back to Helsinki. Such fun two days. We will miss everyone.

The film should be online in the middle of November. We will let you know then. The other 3 parts of this series are going to be filmed in the US. Will be fun to see those too when they are ready.

Thank you everyone and we hope to meet again at some point :).

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