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Filming with Antero Joki & Johanna. And crew from TCOLondon and Mistress Agency. Mikey DeTemple

Last Sunday and Monday we were filming with a cool bunch of people. Antero Joki and Johanna were the freedivers being filmed. These crazy Finnish people who freedive in this cold water no one else would step in :D.

A few days before we get this list of people coming. TCOLondon crew. Mistress Agency from US. Directors Mikey DeTemple and Isabel Freeman. Cory Richards coming! And we thought this was just something a little bit smaller with Johanna having a little dip in the water with Antero.

Oh well. We didn't mind. This is starting to sound pretty interesting :).

We drive up from Helsinki the same morning. Jukka from C-Trek is bringing the big rib boat for the day so we meet him at the harbour. It's sunny and beautiful. A little bit cold and crispy.

The crew arrives. Dave Horowitz and Scott Harris from Mistress Agency are the first ones there to meet us and the rest of the crew comes soon after. Here Shelley from TCOLondon.

Ossi Piispanen from London is taking the stills. Mikey DeTemple is getting ready for the day.

Antero and Johanna giggling. These two have been diving together forever. At competitions it's Antero's voice in Johanna's head saying "Do NOT stop yet, you can do it".

Rina Yang, camera.

Antero and Johanna packing the boat for the day.

Matt the sound person with his pretty hat.

Mikey making sure everything looks good.

Ossi tellind Dave how to use the camera :).

On the boat we go and start driving up to the location.

Lake Päijänne.

Mikey and his pen behind his ear :).

We are towing these two.


Dave, Scott and the KopterCam boys. The whole of Lauttasaari is suddenly here with Jukka, Johanna, I and the KopterCam guys being from there.

The location is ready and filming starts.

The water looks a bit... cold...

Johanna and Antero are tough though. Time to change into diving gear.

Mikey and Isabel.

Planning how to shoot the aerial shots.

Isabel and Dave.

Matt getting the sounds, Antero and Johanna waiting to hop in.

And we are filming. And diving. I'm eating a banana at this point.

To the sky it flies. Above the trees.

Beautiful footage coming right now. I know I saw it after.

Antero, Jukka and Johanna.

Mikey DeTemple. I stole a portrait.

I stole another one. Dave Horowitz from Mistress. Yes I had to touch his hair. Nothing like this Finnish hair we have here.

This was the first day of shooting. After this we had lunch. Then our underwater cinematographer Teemu Liakka arrived. Johanna and I hopped in his car and we went to check out the next day's location, lake Sonnanen. Which is surprisingly clear. So better for underwater shots.

This lake is so beautiful. Clear. And that night this calm.

Would not be this calm tomorrow though :).

Autumn is coming.

All these pretty leaves.

It's like a mirror today.

Teemu Liakka getting his gear on.

And in they go to check the visibility and suitability for the next day.

Drive back. Tired. Dinner with the whole crew. Meeting Cory Richards. Crashing to bed. That was basically the rest of the evening with fast forward :).

Oh I forgot the "giggling with Johanna before we fall asleep" part. Always happens. When we are in "our hotel room". It feels like it's always the same room where ever we happen to be. And yes if you had a room next door to us you would unfortunately know this giggling part is true.

And alarm on for the next morning.

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