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Helsinki sea

Autumn is coming and the weather is getting cooler. Water is still about 14 degrees but when you start going deeper it gets cold. Johanna always says that no matter summer or winter in Finland. When you go down to 10 metres it will be cold and 4 degrees anyway. And pitch black.

But last week it was this pretty :). We took her stuff. I took my camera. And off we went to the sea by Birgitta Hernesaari. It was windy so we thought there might be nice waves there. And there was.

I asked Johanna to draw something on one of the pics since she is a designer. I had an image of some curls drawn with a white crayon type of stuff in my mind :D. But hey that is not quite what she had in mind. This is what I got on my email :D. But in the end it's way better than white crayon curls. So we are keeping this.

Johanna getting ready.

Lucky we have this beautiful van for all our stuff :).

The sun was amazing. It was peeking through dark clouds. It was warm and nice, Maybe we just should have had an afternoon nap.

We are loving this wind.

And Johanna is happy.

This spot we went is right next to Birgitta Hernesaari. The place where we should have tested Helsinki Surf Shop SUP boards all summer but didn't go once. Next summer!!

Today we took her monofin.

We are actually almost in the heart of Helsinki city.

It looks cold :). I'm not getting wet today, I only have to check my camera doesn't get wet.

Today it will be just a quick dip in the water.

Johanna likes cold water though.

We are getting our splashes in the picture.

Amazing weather today.

My gorgeous sis.

Cold water freediving. If you want to come let us know. And while we are waiting for you Johanna is waiting for the ice to come.

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