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Sardinia sea

Since I was here writing about Aqafins and sharing pics from Sardinia pool - I was thinking of Sardinia and that beautiful blue sea. And at the same time checking how to competitions are going today in the deep diving world championships in Cyprus.

Here are a few pics from Sardinia. Johanna and I and Team Finland boys Mikko Pöntinen, Mikko Anttonen and Antero Joki. Bronze medal. Such an exciting competition for us. And fun of course.

Pics from underwater of us by Yury Shmatko and me.

You can read about the Sardinia competition on one of our ebooks, can be found here!books/cjg9

A beautifu day on the beach with Johanna, Antero, Katya, Yury. A rest day between competition days.

From the party on the last night. So it really means we are going home the next day...

Alessandro Madeddu and I - he takes beautiful underwater photos, check them out here So beautiful. So lucky to meet him.

Robert King and us.

The beach party about to start.

I make everyone jump :D.

Bronze! So proud of them!

This year we didn't go to competitions (so miss our friends!!!) but next summer there will be the pool world championships in Finland, in Turku. So I will see you all there then :).

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