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Johanna's garage.

The other day we were fixing footpockets to our Aqafins freediving fins. Which are very nice by the way, the next post will be about them. Anyway - this is what really happened: Johanna was fixing the footpockets and I was a little bit sidetracked. Like usual. Wondering around her garage. THE garage. Every male I have seen entering this garage gets at least one minute of jealousy :D. Check this out.

A girl has to have nice tools. Lucky she has them since I don't. Oh well, one 10 euro pack from Ikea. Has taken me this far.

Motocross bike.

She is fixing, I'm doing something sort of important.

A designer hanger for her swimsuits from Koppi Shop. I think the hanger for wetsuits she got when she broke her leg downhill biking :D.

We have to have our socks and gloves drying in order.

And for everything there is a place.

Motocross shirt.

Drysuit from Ursuit. We also have one that says Elina.


With a fish.

Our ice-diving overalls from Helsinki Surf Shop.

Something orange from Harri Kullas.

A pair of pink gloves.

Some rope.

And goggles.


I'm loving this.

Hey, something even bigger.

Painting stuff.

Her new bike again.

Scooter from Ursuit we get to use sometimes.


Cyprus 2004 freediving world championships and a world record for Johanna in dynamic - 158m. She went past Natalia Molchanova. But in the coming years Natalia was in her own league :). Now Johanna's best in dynamic is 192m from Serbia in 2013.

Every Finnish person knows what these characters are. Johanna designed this Hippo-medal a few years ago.


I think she already fixed the fins while I was still wondering around :D. Love my sis.

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