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Freediving - I'M OK. Sardinia.

Here is one of our ebooks: Freediving - I’m OK. It’s one of our documentary ebooks, this time about the Finnish national freediving team 2014: Antero Joki, Mikko Pöntinen and Mikko Anttonen. And Johanna as a coach. We were in the World Championships in Sardinia with all the other freedivers from around the world. Beautiful place and a good competition.

In 2016 the pool World Championships are in Finland so we will see all our friends again, here in our country :).

Johanna and I arrived a little later than the boys from our team. No female team this year from Finland, only male team.

Mikko Pöntinen, one of our most experienced freedivers.

Johanna and I in the water coaching. Taking pics.

Mikko Anttonen preparing for static with his music in his ears :). Johanna has all the times written on her hand just in case.

Thanking Ursuit and Suunto! Always nice to work with you both!

Antero Joki, Mikko Pöntinen. Johanna. And Goran Colak, one of the best in the world.

Elina taking pics. And hanging around. Carrying masks and weight belts again. (Important important :D ).

A beautiful day on the boat - this was the deep diving day.

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