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Four Elements of Passion. Water.

We love to be a part of interesting projects. This one is no exeption. Once driving back from Lahti - or Salo - oh well from somewhere Johanna's phone rang. It was Marko Röhr. Asking if Johanna would be interesting in being in one of his movies. A movie of four elements - air, earth, fire, water. Before we heard what he was really saying we said yes. Of course. If Elina gets to come too then it's definitely yes.

So in January we filmed with them for the first time, in Ojamo and in a nearby lake. Freezing cold.

One of the good days.

We had time to walk around when Teemu Liakka was getting his camera ready.

So for a few minutes it was "Elina and Johanna fashion shoot".

We didn't get to hop in the water in Ojamo because of underwater camera problems but headed to a nearby lake. Teemu Liakka filming. Johanna doing her thing :D.

She really is good at this. You will see it in the movie.

Natalie Halla. The director from Austria. We love her.

Marko Röhr

So during the year and probably next year we will be hanging around with them. We are not complaining.

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