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  • Elina and Johanna

Four Elements of Passion - in the frozen lake she goes.

After making a hole in the ice it was time for what -- for Johanna to hop in the water. Which was probably about 2 degrees. Nice and warm. With a wetsuit. Me taking pics and thinking that she is going to freeze herself. But what an awesome day. I wish all the days were like this.

Teemu Liakka filming.

The day was pretty though.

In the water she goes. This is not cold for anyone wondering. :D.

Have I ever said that my sister is an amazing girl? I think I have and I'm saying it again.

Natalie Halla getting used to the Finnish winter.

Teemu Liakka and Marko Röhr.

Yes. We really didn't want this day to end. But luckily we have more days like this coming our way. Thank you everyone!

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