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Four elements of passion - on the movie set

If you didn't know, Johanna is a movie star. Elina is always hanging around carrying Johanna's mask and weight belt. It's a very important role.

Anyway, we were at Kitee at lake called Valkiajärvi, which is one of the clearest lakes in Finland. Matila & Röhr production team and Natalie Halla, the director from Austria, were there with us. Teemu Liakka as a cinematographer. Anssi Kantonen as an assistant. These behind the scenes pics by Elina.

Teemu and Anssi getting the camera in the water.

Anssi is maybe thinking about food.

Johanna waiting for her turn to hop in.

Natalie loves Finnish blueberries.

Johanna and Teemu were in the water many many times. We filmed on this side of the lake until the bottom was messed up, then swopped to the other side of the lake and then came back again and again and again and again...

This lake was beautiful and worth the 5 hour drive from Helsinki. If anyone wants to go and check the lake out, let us know and we will tell you more about it.

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