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Freediving Finnish Championships - DYN

April 8, 2015

Dynamic with fins - DYN. Freediving Finnish Championships 2015.


Elina in the water with camera.


 Juho Akola


Mikko Pöntinen.


Safety diver with a cool suit and fins. (Elina getting bored between divers coming).


Me checking out the water says Elina.


 Mikko Pöntinen.


 Mikko Niemeläinen. The best in Finland this year.


Mikko Anttonen getting ready. Mikko Niemeläinen in the pool.


Mikko Pöntinen and Mikko Niemeläinen. Our Mikkos.


Mikko Anttonen


I was liking the pool for hours. I was told I had more apnea time than any of the other people :D. Did I win anything?




 It's Johanna's turn to dive. 100m today.


 Veera López-Lehto


Jaakko Keskitalo


Liv Philip getting ready.


Kristian Mäki-Jussila


 Paula Hietanen


 Anette Rafen Ottzen and Danish record!


Liv Philip udside down :). 


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