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Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

Iltalehti wrote this story about Johanna and our pictures a while ago, but it came out again today now that the Extremepäiväkirjat is on tv.

Our photo taking underwater gives us so much joy! And now we have a new print shop open too with metal prints, go check it out here:

I was just going through my hard drives with all the pictures we have taken during these 10 years, it's a lot! Underwater and under the ice. And it's a breath of fresh air for both of us, to do what's fun and basically we are just taking the photos for ourselves. But if they give joy to other people too, what would be nicer :).

Latest little exhibition we had at the boat expo in Helsinki, we were there with Johanna's boat and the metal prints.

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