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Ice in Finland this year

Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

This winter our lake is beautiful as it always is. But we have been waiting for the ice to come properly and winter to start. And it's been super warm! Ice comes and goes and we go and there's more and we get our hopes up and then we go next time and it's 1cm and water up to the ankles. On this day it was a day before Archer's Mark crew from London was coming to film with us. We arrived to the lake, it was raining and wet and snow on the ice. Johanna was taking the snow out and we made our big swimming pool. It was just about 10cm, so enough for filming. But nowhere near 30cm that we need for the record attempt in March.

But a lovely day. Johanna in her drysuit making sure the ice is ok for the filming which starts next day. Me carrying wood and making sauna happen. That's the best thing at our cabin. Time with sis. Taking pics. Heating up sauna and having a crystal clear dip in our lake. Feel alive again after days like this. And after this grey day when the film crew was there with us, it was beautiful sun and a bit colder. I'm always happy at the cabin.

These pics taken with my Canon 5d mkIV and NikonosIII.

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