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Big vs Small film premiere in Heinola

Päivitetty: 29. huhtik. 2021

Big vs. Small documentary film tells a story of Joana Andrade, a big wave surfer from Portugal who surfs up to 30 metre waves in Nazare. One of 3 women who do it there. Amazing woman. And another amazing woman, Minna Dufton or Raggari films made this film about her. We were in it, me as a stills photographer and Johanna in the film teaching Joana Apnea and cold water and under ice diving.

Lovely project and lots of good memories, from Helsinki, our cabin in Heinola where we brought the crew, from Portugal where we went in May with them and now from premiere which was held in Heinola.

Thanking Heinola, Minna Dufton, Joana Andrade, Sasha Luschkova, Sakke Kantosalo, Juuso Oksala, everyone else who has been working on the film, and new friends from the premiere - Tim Bonython legendary surf film maker, Sergio Cosmico Joana's jet ski driver and Glyn Ovens, Tim Bonython's jet ski driver.

Day started with Johanna giving a little lecture to the surfers about apnea and then it was party time at the movie theatre and after party.

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